Wish Wholesale Referral: Share a Better Way of Sourcing & Save

The new year is right around the corner, which means the busiest time of the year for sourcing updated inventory for many businesses. As you start refreshing your inventory and looking to source updated merchandise, now is a great time to share about Wish Wholesale with other businesses in your network and save even more! 

If you love sourcing with Wish Wholesale and know another business who could benefit too, refer them our way and you’ll both get 10% off your next purchase. To get your invite link sign up here

It’s a super easy way to network with other business owners and save more on your bulk inventory orders! Plus, you’ll get higher profit margins and a better return on your investment when you purchase your merchandise at the best discount possible.  

Here's how to save more with referrals: 

Start a conversation about Wish Wholesale.

Let other business owners know that Wish Wholesale is a great option for sourcing affordable inventory when networking.


Share on Social Media or Email.

Share your referral link on social media and tell your friends you can get them a discount on Wish Wholesale. Email your referral link to colleagues who could benefit from sourcing with Wish Wholesale or are curious about learning more.  


Earn Discounts on Wish Wholesale.

When your referral makes a purchase on Wish Wholesale, your referral will unlock a 10% discount. Once the transaction is complete, you'll receive 10% off a future purchase on Wish Wholesale as well.  


It's that easy! To learn more about how you can refer businesses and save, click here.