Top 8 Spring Trends to Stock for 2021

Trends are constantly changing and evolving as preferences change and lifestyles shift. In the past year, we’ve seen some pretty major changes in consumer trends, and in the way people shop as we all dealt with a global pandemic and spent a lot more time at home. The retail industry has been especially impacted, but things are looking up and this Spring it’s all about the aspirational and looking to the future.  

Here at Wish Wholesale, we’re all about making it simple and easy to find the latest trending wholesale merchandise for your business. We took a look at the most popular products that shoppers have been searching for and purchasing and we’ve rounded up 8 of our best products that we know will make refreshing your Spring inventory a little easier.  

Here are 8 of the hottest items to stock for your business this Spring:  

1. Wireless Sweatproof Bluetooth Headphones

As the weather warms up, people will be getting back to outdoor adventures and fitness activities. These sweatproof wireless headphones have been one of our most searched and sold items on the Wish shopping app.  

2.  Printed tees 

Casual printed tees have been trending so far this season and are a great way to spice up a casual, comfy outfit. 

3. Wicker Storage Baskets 

It’s time for spring cleaning and that means getting organized! Wicker and woven accent pieces are super popular in home decor these days and these woven storage baskets are a customer favorite.  

4. Pearls & huggie earrings 

“Huggie” earrings, or mini hoops that “hug” the ear, are the latest trend in jewelry this season. Now is the perfect time to get ahead of this trend if you have a boutique or sell jewelry. Pearls are also having a comeback moment right now, and we’re loving these huggies that combine both trends.  

5. Polarized Sunglasses 

From hiking and biking to a day at the beach, these polarized travel sunglasses are a must-have for Spring. They were one of our most searched and purchased items in February as shoppers get back to their favorite outdoor activities.  

6. Spring Hair Accessories 

Scrunchies and hair accessories have been popular for a little while now and the trend continues! Customers have been loving this floral scrunchie for Spring and it comes in a variety of bright colors.  

 7. Home security cameras 

Home security cameras are one of the hottest selling electronics items so far this year and analysts expect sales will more than double from 54 million in 2018 to 120 million in 2023. The industry is growing fast and these cameras have consistently been in high demand on Wish.  

 8. 100 Piece Marker Set

Crafting and DIY projects are popular hobbies lately and this vibrantly colored marker set has been a go-to for Wish shoppers. 

Staying on top of the latest trends is key to success and we’re here to make it simple and easy. If you’re looking to expand your inventory, you can find all of these trending products and many more on Wish Wholesale. Shop now