3 Steps to Sell Your Best-Seller Box Inventory on Wish

When you’re a small business owner, time is money - and sourcing the right inventory for your store can end up being a huge time sink. Wish’s Best-Seller Boxes and Category Boxes are a great way to source top-selling inventory at wholesale prices without having to do a ton of time consuming research. We hand curate these boxes with the latest trending items that are already proven to sell on the Wish shopping app, so you know they’ll sell well for your business.  

Once you’ve purchased your Best-Seller Box or Category Box, you can resell the items at a markup in your retail store, online, or on Wish through our Wish Local program. 

If you’re not familiar with Wish Local yet, it’s a partnership between Wish and local brick & mortar stores. It allows retail stores to sell their items on the Wish shopping app to customers in their local area. The customers then come in-store to pick-up their orders, helping you reach new customers and driving more foot traffic to your store. We introduced Wish Local on the blog last week and gave you the full details of the program, which you can read about here.  

Wish Local stores can upload their Best-Seller Box or Category Box items to Sell on Wish by following these steps: 

First, locate your Packing List 

  • After you purchase your Best-Seller Box or Category Box, we’ll send the Packing List and Store Upload File for your box by email. Locate the email titled “Your Packing Lists Are Here!“ in your inbox.

  • The Packing List gives you detailed information about the items included in your box, including SKU, quantity, and suggested MSRP. The Store Upload File is pre-populated with the required fields for uploading the items to Sell on Wish, including image files.    

    • Packing List: 

    Next, download the Bulk Upload template

    • From your New Store Dashboard, select Products on the side bar and select Bulk Add/Edit on the top right of the page.

    • To download the Bulk Upload template, select Download Template. Using this template, you’ll be able to bulk upload your items to Sell on Wish as a .csv file. 

    Finally, upload your items to Sell on Wish 

    • Now that you have the Bulk Upload template, go to your Store Upload File (from step 1). You’ll find the info you need to Bulk Upload your items to Sell on Wish, including the SKU, product name, and product photo URLs.   

    • Use the product information from the Store Upload File as a guide to complete the Bulk Upload template. Then make sure to fill in the items that are at your discretion, like the final listing price, quantity, and shipping price.

    • Once you’ve entered all your items into the Bulk Upload template, save as a .csv. Go to your New Store Dashboard and drag and drop the completed .csv file into the box at the bottom of the page where it says “Drag and drop a .csv here to upload”. 

    After you’ve finished the Bulk Upload of your items, they’ll be available for sale on the Wish app for shoppers in your local area. When local shoppers purchase your items, you’ll be notified in the Wish Local app. The customers will then come to your retail store to pick-up their orders, bringing you new foot traffic and potential repeat customers. 

    Try a Wish Best-Seller Box for your business and start boosting your revenue today! Shop now