7 High Demand Products With The Best Margins On Wish Wholesale

Shoppers love a great value, but of course, so do store owners! When you get great deals on quality items at a fair price point, you’ll experience higher customer satisfaction and higher margins. 

When it comes to suppliers, you have so many options. But we’d argue that there’s probably no other supplier like Wish Wholesale. At Wish Wholesale, it’s easy to purchase items from vetted manufacturers with a track record for producing quality products. 

Every item on Wish Wholesale is in demand, backed by 4-star ratings and performance data from the Wish app. As a merchant, you’ll enjoy no contracts, low order minimums, and secure payments. 

To help store owners looking for the sourcing unicorn that combines low cost and high resale value, we’ve compiled a list of 7 high demand products with the best margins on Wish Wholesale. 

If you’re considering expanding your product offering or just need some inspiration, don’t miss out on these!

High demand products in Jewelry 

Experts at Allied Market Research suggest that the costume jewelry market is projected to reach $52.4 billion by 2027, indicating substantial growth in the immediate future. 

Pattern.com has identified the most high-demand jewelry products as rings, chains, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. In comparison, broaches, chokers, and certain gem necklaces show significantly less demand. 

Wish Wholesale currently features 875 Jewelry and Wristwear products, many of which are less than $5 per unit.  

Vintage Men's Women's Genuine Leather Bracelet

This stylish leather bracelet is unisex and made from genuine leather, so it has a luxurious look and feel to it that men and women feel confident wearing. It features an adjustable clasp that fits most wrists up to 6.69” in circumference. 

leather bracelet is a high demand product

With 83 reviews and an average 5-star rating, this vintage-inspired set of leather bracelets is a customer favorite.

A pack of 10 leather bracelets starts at just $5.42. However, the total cost per set gets cheaper if you purchase more than 2 units! 

High demand products in Accessories

According to the 2020 Deloitte holiday retail survey, customers are likely to spend most of their budget on clothing and accessories during the holidays. 

Items like shapewear, outdoor gear, posture correctors, and wallets are expected to be among the most popular accessories this year. Adding these products to your store offerings during peak shopping season is projected to yield profits. 

Unisex Wool Knitted Winter Warm Hat

This unisex wool knitted hat has a surprise inside! Its soft, fleece-lined interior is designed to maintain warmth better than your average beanie.  

gray fleece lined hat is a high demand product in accessories

It’s incredibly comfortable, made from a soft cotton blend that stretches to sit comfortably on any crown. Available in 3 colors, this unisex wool knit hat starts at $4.60 per unit. 

Compared to wholesale sites like Alibaba that charge shipping and require you to contact the supplier, you’re looking at an average savings of $50 on an order of 10 units when you buy on Wish Wholesale!  

High demand products in Electronics

This year, the most-purchased category on Amazon Prime Day was consumer electronics. 

Within consumer electronics, some of the most popular products purchased included everything from Instant Pots to vacuum cleaners to tablets. It’s clear that shoppers worldwide love a great deal on devices that make living in their homes feel more convenient. 

Wireless Bluetooth Sound Bar

This Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar starts at just $38.73 per unit, which is a fantastic deal for a brand-name alternative! 

cheap wireless bluetooth speaker is a high demand product in electronics

It’s cordless and works up to 8 hours without a power source. And, with 4 built-in speakers, the sound transmitted is loud enough to fill a room on movie night.

Though customer feedback tells us that this Bluetooth soundbar is relatively small (about 3 inches longer than a Magic Keyboard), reviewers rave about its connection and sound quality. 

High demand products in Pets

With all the shopping that individuals do for themselves, there’s no way they’d forget about their furry friends! A survey conducted by the Insurance Information Institute identified that 67% of American households own a dog. 

According to Fortunly, pet owners are spending more on their pets than ever. In fact, dogs are the most significant influence driving first home purchases among millennials. Bow wow

Glowing LED Dog Collar, USB Rechargeable

If you’ve ever had a dog, you’ve probably had to take them on a potty break at night, at least once. This Glowing LED Dog Collar helps pet owners keep track of their beloved pet, even in pitch darkness. Imagine how handy it’d be while camping outdoors!

flashing dog collar is a high demand product in pets

Because it’s rechargeable by USB, owners never have to worry about purchasing batteries for it. The LED’s within the collar can be set to flashing or steady light and are available in 3 sizes and 4 colors to suit any breed. Source it on Wish Wholesale, starting at just $0.83 per unit. 

High demand products in Home Decor

With all the time consumers have spent working and living at home, it’s no surprise that items in the home furnishing category are now high demand products. 

Items like pillow covers, outdoor mats, faux vines, and curtains often top the Amazon Best Sellers list. 

Christmas Linen Pillow Case

These Christmas Linen Pillow Cases are made from 100% cotton linen, arguably one of the world’s most beloved and timeless fabrics. Although it doesn’t come with the pillow filler, its versatility as decor or gift is limitless.  

christmas linen pillow cases are a high demand product in home decor

Reviewers love how well the actual product matches the product images, noting the vibrant print and quality fit. 

Choose to carry up to 6 designs at just $4.18 per unit! At that price point, you may get a higher margin than discount stores like TJ Maxx.  

High demand products in Women’s Apparel

According to eMarketer, apparel is one of the fastest-growing categories as pandemic restrictions ease up. High demand products in apparel include plus-sized fashions, casual tops, and athleisure wear.

Although Amazon has increased its fulfillment fees for apparel this year, if merchants can source quality products at an affordable price, they’ll still be able to come out ahead on the platform.  

Women's Cold Shoulder Casual Blouse

This Women’s Cold Shoulder Casual Blouse is popular on Wish Wholesale because of its trendy yet modest design. 

cold shoulder bluse is a high demand product in apparel

This blouse is a proven winner with female-identifying shoppers. You’ll soon find it in stores like online boutiques or fast fashion megamalls. 

Reviewers appreciate the flattering fit, breathable material, and bold color range. They’ll be able to style it with jeans for a casual look or tuck it into a skirt for a professional, upscale appearance.

Get in 5 colors and an inclusive size range (XS-5XL), starting at $7.32 per unit.

High demand products in Hobby & Stationery

Retailers like Walmart and Chewy have honed in on Toys, Hobby, and DIY categories online. Although niche, this segment generates revenue which amounts to a 20% share of the entire U.S. eCommerce market, according to ecommerceDB

High demand products in this category include items like drones, stationery, and games. 

10-in-1 Multicolor Kawaii Ballpoint Pen

This Multicolor Kawaii Ballpoint Pen features 10 different ink colors in a single pen! Its adorable animal topper makes writing on paper feel more like an activity than a chore. 

kawaii pen is a high demand product in toys

Reviewers love the nostalgia of it and often gift it to young family members. Source the dinosaur pen on Wish Wholesale for just $2.78 per unit.   


We hope you’ve been inspired by these 7 high demand products with the best margins on Wish Wholesale. If you have an idea for a new best-seller, but can’t find it on Wish Wholesale, request a quote from our sourcing experts to get the best deals on any item. 

Start sourcing products with proven demand, performance, and the highest margins on Wish Wholesale today.