How an Income Tax Office Turned into their Community’s One-Stop-Shop

Brandi and Ravelle Womble come from a long line of handmade craftswomen.  Ravelle’s grandmother, mother, and aunts all made crafts since before she was born - and she joined in on the tradition too, taking up crafting when she was just 9 years old.  Her daughter Brandi has continued the tradition as well, and today, the Womble family has been selling their handmade crafts for over 30 years.  

When Brandi and Ravelle originally started their business, they would sell their crafts at outdoor markets, church events, or have sales in their yard. But when the pandemic hit and those types of events became limited, they decided to take on an extra source of income and started their tax office, StressRUs Taxes in Wheatridge, Colorado. 

 Aside from the craft business, Brandi and Ravelle have both been doing taxes for years, and it turns out the two make a great combo. While customers wait to have their taxes done, they can shop the “On the Spot Purchasing” tables set up in the tax office lobby. The tables are stocked with the Womble’s handmade crafts and a wide range of items from Wish Wholesale.

Their customers love the variety and the fact that they can get affordable, quality items. Isn’t that the Wish way? It’s the best of both worlds, a local shop that offers a variety of items not sold at the big box stores like Walmart and Kohl’s. 

While it may seem a bit unconventional for an income tax office to become a neighborhood one-stop-shop, the Womble’s have created just that. They’ve received a great deal of positive feedback from their customers who promote their store to others saying, it’s a great convenience for all.  

Ravelle says, “we just had a customer in here picking up an order yesterday and she said out of all the local stores, we offer the most variety of products and she’s gonna bring her daughters back to do some shopping”.

Sourcing with Wish Wholesale has been a really great way for StressRUs to diversify their business and provide a much-needed service in their local community. 

The best part is, the Womble’s say the Best-Seller Box is a simple and effective way to kick start your business. Ravelle remembers that “when we started out, our first box was $120, we turned around and did a $400 profit within three weeks. So even as low as $120 they can start their business and really profit.”    

 I asked the Womble’s if they had any advice for someone who might be considering starting a business or selling items from Wish Wholesale at their store. They tell me “the biggest one is patience and being willing to put time into your business. Also making sure that your inventory that you want to sell is visible and organized to where customers are able to see it.” 

Creating the display tables and keeping them looking beautiful and organized has been key. These days they have regulars who come in every week or two just to shop their new crafts and items from Wish Wholesale.  

The Womble’s journey of combining their 30-year-old crafting business with their new tax office is not only admirable, it’s a major success story. Combining necessity and passion to create a convenient community shop is truly inspiring! 


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