Join our #WishWholesale Contest!

Join our #WishWholesale Contest!

Now through Nov. 30th, businesses in the US, CA, and MX can enter the Wish Wholesale Contest by sharing their experience with the Wish Best-Seller Box on social media. Enter on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter using the hashtag #WishWholesale with your photo or video.  

Entering is as easy as 1, 2, 3:   

1. Share a video and/or photo of your Wish Best Seller box. 

Example 1: Photo can be done creatively where all Wholesale Best Seller items are displayed throughout the store - showcasing the Best Seller box and your business.

Example 2: Short video showing off the Best Seller items and giving advice on product display to increase purchases - i.e. keychains placed by cash register, as a customer last minute add-on.

Example 3: Short video showing us your Wholesale products and how you plan on selling them - i.e. how much you plan on marking them up to maximize profit, etc. 


2. Share your business's story with Wish in the caption of your video and/or photo. 

Example: How your business got started, type of business, overview on how it’s been performing, and how Wish Wholesale has been able to help.

Include #WishWholesale and a hashtag of the name of the country you are in.


3.  Follow Wish Wholesale on Instagram @WishWholesalepro and Twitter @WholesaleWish

Earn bonus entries by submitting more than 1 photo or video! The winner will be notified via DM.

Terms and conditions: by joining this contest, participants and all assets are agreed to be used for future marketing campaigns.