Trending in January: 7 Must-have Items Under $20

If you’re looking to freshen up inventory in your store, stocking up on trending products is always a great place to start. It’s important to keep your store up to date with products your customers love and meet their needs - but it can be a lot of work! 

From figuring out which products your customers want to buy and how much, to finding a good supplier that offers low pricing, keeping your store stocked with the right merchandise can be quite the process.

Here at Wish Wholesale, we’ve simplified the process so you can easily find the top-selling products that are right for your business. We regularly analyze the data from our 500M+ users in the Wish shopping app and share our findings to help our wholesale community stay up on the latest product trends. There are about 3 million items purchased everyday on the Wish shopping app, which gives us unique insights about what shoppers are searching for and ultimately buying. 

We recently took a look at what was trending this past month in January. Here are the products everyone has been searching for and buying: 

1. Since the pandemic kicked off, many have become pros in the kitchen. Items like this vegetable spiralizer have been selling in record numbers on the Wish shopping app and customers love them!

2. LED and twinkle lights are the newest trend in home decor and have been super popular going into 2021. Go with white twinkle lights for a cozy, relaxed ambiance or bright, neon LED lights for a fun, moody vibe. 
3. We’ve seen a big uptick in searches and purchases for home decor improvement tools over the past 9 months in Wish shopping app, and items like this double-sided gel tape have been selling fast. It’s a multi-purpose gel tape that can be used to keep rugs in place, hang pictures or decorations, or keep cables in place. 
4. Last January was all about accessories, like watches and jewelry, but this January has been all about affordable electronics. Cell phones, tablets, and wireless headphones topped the list of most searched and purchased items over the past month.  
5. Shoppers are looking to stay safe and healthy into the new year and we’re still seeing a high number of searches for protective wear and equipment like face masks. This face mask and fleece balaclava combination piece was one of our best-selling items in January.
6. Keeping the air fresh and the ambiance relaxed is exactly what we all need going into 2021 and this aromatherapy air purifier and essential oil diffuser has been a customer favorite.  
7. Health is at the forefront in 2021 and many people have taken up athletic hobbies. Sneakers were one of our most searched items last month and these running shoes were a best-seller.  

We’ll be keeping a close eye on trends throughout the year and will be sharing them with you here on the blog. We’ll also be regularly updating our site with the latest popular products so you can keep your inventory fresh. 

Looking for more trending Wish items to buy in bulk for your business? Find the merchandise your customers will love on Wish Wholesale. Shop now.  

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