Trending Products to Source for the Holidays 2020

With the holiday season coming up quickly, now is the time to get stocked up on inventory! Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday are some of the biggest shopping days of the year and shoppers will be looking for great deals on gifts for the upcoming Christmas & Hanukkah holidays. Luckily, Wish Wholesale is here to make your holiday sourcing simple, bringing you the highest demand products at the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere. 

We’ve analyzed the latest shopping data from Wish to see what customers are searching for and which products are in highest demand this year.  Our site has been curated with a whole new lineup of inventory that is sure to fly off your shelves this holiday season. 

Here’s the holidays gifts that are trending this year:


Tech and electronics like cell phones, tablets, smart watches and laptops have been popular holiday gift items in years past and it’s no surprise that they’re expected to be amongst the most popular again this year.  Especially with the pandemic going on, people are continuing to work from home, kids are studying online, and even social gatherings are happening virtually. This holiday season we recommend stocking up on electronics items as well as their accessories like chargers and cases. 

Hobby Gifts 

Hobbies like bread-baking, gardening, and DIY home improvement projects have seen a resurgence in popularity as people spend so much time at home these days. We’ve seen an uptick in searches for items like baking pans and kitchenware, home decor and furniture, and planters and gardening tools. We predict the trend will continue throughout the 2020 holiday season and these items will make popular gifts.  

Jewelry & Accessories 

You can never go wrong with giving jewelry as a holiday gift and we don’t expect that to change this year. Jewelry items like necklaces, bracelets, and rings are sure to be best-sellers again for the 2020 holiday season.  Hair accessories like clips, pins, and barrettes are also especially popular this year - any fashion focused store should definitely be stocking these this season!

Home Decor 

In keeping with the theme of 2020, items that make it more comfortable and convenient to work and live from home are predicted to make popular holiday gifts. Think throw blankets, candles, coffee mugs, and decorative plants. Especially as the weather gets colder and we all cozy up at home for the winter, items that make the home feel warm and inviting are trending and selling fast.

Pet Toys

There has been a major increase in pet ownership during COVID and purchases of pet toys and accessories have been on the rise as well. Pets are family and when it comes to gifting for the holidays, they’re no exception! We predict that pet toys, outfits, beds and more will be amongst the most popular holiday gifts this year.


We have all of these trending items and more available on the Wish Wholesale site! Shop now