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Get up to $1500 to order new inventory and pay 60 days later

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About Order Now, Pay Later

Order new inventory today and pay 60 days later! Purchases made with "Order Now, Pay Later" terms won’t be charged until 60 days later after you order - giving you time to sell delivered products before ever even paying for them.

Get the Cash Flow You Need for Your Business

Order Now, Pay Later means you can order new inventory now and pay for it 60 days later. We’ll cover the up-front costs of up to $1,500 in new merchandise and give you time to sell products before ever paying for them.

Sell Products Before You Pay

We give you up to $1,500 to empower you to buy and sell goods without having to pay for them upfront. This means you can hold onto your cash to cover costs like rent or payroll, while still stocking up on new inventory.

Completely Risk Free - No Hidden Fees, Ever.

There is no fee for paying with terms, and there’s no penalty for using your entire terms limit.

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Q: How do Order Now, Pay Later terms work?

A: We offer Order Now, Pay Later terms so you can free up cash flow to manage your business while still stocking up on new inventory.

Q: How long does it take to be approved?

A: We’ll review your application for Order Now, Pay Later terms and let you know if you’re approved within 24 hours after applying.

Q: How can I pay for orders I’ve made through Order Now, Pay Later terms?

A: Pay 60 days later by visiting “My Orders” from your account on Wish Wholesale.  From “My Orders” you’ll be able to View your orders, payment due dates, and pending payments all in one place.

Q: Can I pay off my Order Now, Pay Later terms earlier than 60 days?

A: Yes, you can pay anytime you’d like, up to 60 days after you place your order. Simply login to your account on Wish Wholesale, visit “My Orders”, and make a payment at your convenience.

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