About Wish Wholesale VIP

Q: What is Wish Wholesale VIP?

A:  Get the most value from sourcing with Wish Wholesale when you join our exclusive monthly subscription program, Wish Wholesale VIP. Members get access to premium perks, like free shipping on all orders, early access to the newest arrivals, and members only discounts. 

Currently, VIP is only available for qualified customers and available in the US only.

Q: How much does it cost and what’s included? 

A:  A VIP subscription is $49.99/month and includes the following members-only benefits: 

  1. Free shipping on all orders 

  2. Exclusive member pricing and early access to the newest arrivals

  3. Personalized assistance from a dedicated Sourcing Expert (with one order per month min.)

Q: How does it work? 

A: You can sign up for a Wish Wholesale VIP subscription here. After signing up, you’ll automatically start enjoying your benefits including free shipping at checkout and exclusive member pricing while shopping the site. If you’d like to connect with your dedicated Sourcing Expert, complete the Request a Quote form here. Your Sourcing Expert will reach out to assist you in sourcing high-quality, best-selling products that fit your business category and price range.   

Q: Is there a minimum spend to get free shipping? Is there a maximum number of orders that qualify for free shipping?  

A: Free shipping is unlimited with your VIP subscription. There is no minimum spend to qualify and you can order as many times as you’d like each month. 

Q: Is there any commitment? How do I cancel?

A: There’s no commitment - you’re able to cancel your monthly subscription at any time. If you’d like to cancel, email us at vip@wishwholesale.com and our team will assist you.  

Q: How do I report an issue with Plus orders?

A: If you need help with your Wish Wholesale order or VIP subscription, please reach out to us at vip@wishwholesale.com

Q: Is there a bonus for referring others to sign up for Wish Wholesale Plus? 

A: Yes, you will get 1 month free on your VIP subscription for every member you refer that signs up. If you refer a friend, please email us at vip@wishwholesale.com and we’ll add the free month to your account. 

Q: I already have an order being processed. Can I get a refund on shipping once I sign up?

A: Your VIP membership is active as soon as you sign up and enroll for the program. Unfortunately, VIP benefits cannot be retroactively applied to orders you placed prior to enrollment.


Q: How do I pay for Wish Wholesale VIP?

A: We accept payment by credit or debit card. To process your monthly subscription payment, we’ll need a current card on file with your account.  

Q: When will I be billed for Wish Wholesale VIP? 

A: You will be billed for VIP every 30 days starting from the date you first enroll.

Q: Do I get a prorated price if I join or cancel part-way through the month?

A: Your VIP membership is on a 30-day rolling cycle starting from when you sign-up; so you do not need to worry about partial payments or enrolling on a specific date. However, we do not support partial refunds for monthly membership fees that have already been paid. For any questions, please contact us at vip@wishwholesale.com.  

Q: Can I use my Wish Wholesale Credit for the VIP subscription?

A: No. Since your VIP membership is a recurring payment, you can only pay for it using your credit/debit card you have on file.

Q: What if I have more questions?

A: You can contact us through either of the following and we'll respond as soon as possible. 

Email: vip@wishwholesale.com

SMS or call: 415-432-7345 

Contact us by filling out the form here: https://wishwholesale.com/pages/contact